Independence and growing world’s economy; involvement in international business practices have contributed for need and development to be focused on consumer protection rights and promotion of those rights. Consumer Protection Law emphasises on the protection of a consumer or a general public from exploitation done in numerous forms like adulteration of food, high prices, poor quality etc and challenges faced by consumers while purchasing goods. The primary concern of this act is to protect the consumer right and their interest by taking appropriate policy measures, legal structure and administrative framework.

According to McMillan Dictionary (1985), “consumerism is concerned with protecting consumers from all organizations with which there is exchange relationship. It encompasses the set of activities of government, business, independent organizations and concerned consumers that are designed to protect the right of consumers”.

Consumer Protection Act mainly emphasises on prohibition of anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position. The act applies to all sector whether public, private or corporate. It provides compensation according to the loss to aggrieved party. Contributes in educating consumers to develop consumer awareness, their social responsiveness and protect own interest by providing harsh punishment to wrongdoer to avoid further illegal work or fraud full activity. Provides forum to seek justice in case of grievance that can be easily available to consumers with a genuine result.