Criminal law chiefly means law for crimes or law concerned with any wrongful or illegal act that may destruct an individual or group of individuals in particular. Criminal law in common terms may be elaborated as a branch or part of law concerned with crime, treats of their nature and provide punishment to wrongdoer.

Heading forward crime is an offence staunched or conducted against public or society even if done by an individual. Criminal law deals with many heads of crimes mainly classified as treason, felony or misdemeanour. Reason for bringing criminal law is to keep system, peace and order in the community and maintain proper living in public. It emphasises on nature of an individual, tries to rehabilitate person doing wrongful activity and educate them to overcome their problems, also protect from any possible danger or wrongful act.

Criminal law system is extremely multifaceted and according to the need of the society keeps on changing. Acts like Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Evidence Act etc, deals with matters related to criminal law.