Matrimonial law also acknowledged as family law. It is a legal structure which is related to settling of family disputes and is governed by rules of family law. It governs with the issues which arise in the family as marriage termination like Divorce and Annulment, Disposed of will after the death of parents, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Adoption, various economic matters. It is the state law which establishes the rights and duties of spouses to each other relation or towards their children. Establishes it’s validity by the court process. Any requirement related to the transfer of property various strategies are provided in the law. Indian judiciary has made various laws like Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Parsi Marriage Act 1936, Dissolution of Muslims Marriage Act 1939, The Special Marriage Act 1956 and The Foreign Marriage Act 1969. Main concern of matrimonial law is to protect the interest of parties affected by the act done by other, protects women in cases of dowry death, mental or physical abuse and any other matter concerned with family dispute. Panel dealing with this matters provides compensation to aggrieved party and giving punishment to other person for their misconduct or wrong act.